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An in-depth research exploring girls' femininity, their world & their relation with media & adverts



The researcher is supported by a 3-years PhD scholarship at Nottingham Trent University 


Who are the participants?

37 girls from age 8 to 11 (Year 4/5/6) from a comprehensive Primary School in Nottingham.

From the initial 37 participating in the preliminary stage, the sample was then reduced to 31 for the first round of adverts-guided interviews and then to 21 for the second round.

Methods: questionnaire to girls and parents, interviews, group sessions, projective techniques, "best friends" adverts-guided interviews, performances, observation

Aim: Disseminating the main findings of the project in non-academic terms, using a clear and accessible language so that the girls and parents participating can easily access the main responses. The chosen style agreed with the girls is to have most pages of the site talking in first person, as if they were telling a story.

Through this study we hope to reach a better understanding of young girls' lived experiences of advertising in light of their:

  • family
  • media habits and preferences
  • life aspirations
  • embodiment of femininity
  • favourite activities and interests
  • friendships
  • attitude on beauty
  • body satisfaction
  • fashion
  • videogames
  • celebrities and role models
  • and much much more...

NOTE: We have tried to use colourful bar charts to avoid the tedious academic look and we made the language used throughout this site as child-friendly as possible, often using terms generated by the girls themselves (i.e. "girly girl" or "tomboy"). When less simple terms are used, we make an effort to explain the meaning (please do let us know if there is anything not clear enough - by the contact page or the blog - and we will make the necessary corrections)

For anybody wishing to see the academic version of the findings, research premises, details of methods, etc.. please visit


 Enjoy the site and get in touch with your comments!

 Francesca Morosi - PhD Scholarship at Nottingham Trent University

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