Research about Girls Femininity Media & Advertising

The world around us gives us constant clues about femininity, it makes us think that all girls should be or behave in a certain way. As we are young, we are still working out what femininity ("being a girl") really means but we like to experiment with different ways all the time... .

In a focus group session Francesca (researcher) asked us about the good and bad things about being a girl and whether we think it is better or easier to be a girl or a boy. These are our responses which we wrote on post-it notes and then stick on a board (see gallery photo!): it is our take on girlhood, what we have learned so far about being girls in this world...

Francesca has categorised our responses between "stereotypical"  (the way we usually see girls portrayed in the media and by mainstream society), "neutral" (a category in between the two) and "counter-stereotypical" (alternative ways, not very often portrayed in the media but still present) and this can help us understand a bit better our idea of girlhood and reflect on where these ideas come from.